Business improvement is a journey not a race

We love to listen

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Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

We love to listen to advisers talk about their businesses.  Tell us about your vision for the future or let us help you with some thought leadership.

With a clear picture of who you are and where you want to be, our role is to get you there.

We can help build a plan of action that will pull together technology, people and processes to create a model that enables you to deliver a compelling client proposition.

“If you’re like most people, you probably seek first to be understood; you want to get your point across.  And in doing so, you may ignore the other person completely, pretend that you’re listening, selectively hear only certain parts of the conversation or attentively focus on only the words being said, but miss the meaning entirely.  So why does that happen?  Because most people listen with the intent to reply, not be understood” 
— Dr Stephen Covey

What we are all about

At Jigsaw Tree our main goal is to focus on positive client outcomes.  We will always make sure the needs of our clients are our 1st priority. Everyone in the business is always looking for ways of delivering a better service.  We always work with clients to identify and resolve any potential barriers rather than shying away from them.

 We are honest and fair when working with each other, clients and collaborators.  When working with clients we will not charge the most but what is fair for the service delivered and will always give clarity and confidence to our clients, about our commitment.

We are passionate about investing in knowledge and encourage all our staff to look at their personal development needs. We believe that investing in our staff and in technology will achieve the best client outcomes.

Our staff are proud of what they give to clients and always aim to deliver the right outcome and not just any outcome.

We get a kick out of helping and supporting both our clients and each other.  Just ask for help and we will do everything in our power to help achieve the right outcome.


Supporting the planning and implementation of business change, we ensure you achieve your business goals.

With a tried and tested approach we help build a technology model to ensure modern advice firms achieve business goals.  Using state of the art process mapping technology, we put the client at the center of the exercise by focusing on the life-cycle of your service to ensure you are perfectly positioned to deliver the best possible experience.

Technology Selection & Due diligence

Advice firms have to adapt to differentiate themselves from the competition and to continue to grow whilst managing costs and risks.  Technology plays a key part in that differentiation but with so many key players in the market it can sometimes be too confusing and time consuming for an advice firm to investigate the market.

Jigsaw Tree’s Technology Selection and Due Diligence service will help you drill down to what is really important to your organisation and not just a nice to have and ensure you have an integrated target model defined with technology that can support your business goals and objective and not just for today..

Technology implementation support & project management

Jigsaw Tree’s proven Implementation Support and Project Management will help ensure key milestones and resources required to deliver the project are kept on track through the use of a leading online work management platform. The support we give doesn’t stop when your new technology goes live as our Project Managers will ensure you are maximising your chosen solutions through adoption and ongoing learning.

business process management

In our day-to-day working lives there are a whole series of steps we do to get our jobs done that we don’t really think about. Have you ever looked at whether those steps are best practice, and what the actual cost to your business is? By helping advice firms review and improve their existing processes to achieve a ‘one best way’ of working they have gained a sustainable advice framework which can mitigate risk and ensure a first-class service is offered to all clients.  The benefits of process modelling are far reaching and we love making such a difference to the clients we work with by giving them better insights into their business and its working practices.

Interim positions

Having worked within a vast number of organisations, Jigsaw Tree are able to provide interim support to firms looking for short term engagement/support in order to drive value from our past experiences.  Jigsaw Tree are able to parachute in someone to help in Operations, Marketing and Income Management as and when you need it most.


We deliver a suite of outsourced services to help you reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve client satisfaction

Income Reconciliation

The importance of correctly recording, reconciling and reporting income should never be underestimated, At Jigsaw Tree, our Outsourcing Team have a wealth of knowledge of leading CRM systems income and fee functionality. You gain our expertise in your business for income reconciliation and reporting. Let Jigsaw Tree take care of this for you so that you can focus time on where your clients value it the most.

Marketing & event management outsourcing

Whilst marketing is an important part of any advice firms overall strategy, there is often a lack of expertise within the business. Jigsaw Tree’s Marketing & Event Management Outsourcing Services gives you that expertise to help build your overall marketing plan and provide support in its execution. We can help with writing and producing collateral; creating your online presence; email marketing; organising and managing events.

Template Design

Making sure client facing letters and documents present your business in the right way can be challenging to create and take significant time. Having these templates created within your CRM system makes producing high quality, branded documents quick and easy.  Jigsaw Tree have the expertise to create templates for suitability letters, client reports and letters ensuring as much data is re used as possible, resulting in fewer mistakes and increased accuracy and efficiency.

Administration & Paraplanning Support

Being a successful advice firm brings with it the added pressure of increased administration and the requirement for a confident paraplanner. With the change in requirements under MiFID II the need to produce a review process with a suitability report, even when there are no changes in clients’ needs/circumstances or your advice means one thing – more increase in administration and the need for better processes. Jigsaw Tree deliver administration and paraplanning services to ensure you spend your time building relationships with your clients.

Portal Implementation

In the GDPR world secure messaging between you and your clients is a must. A Client Portal will also give you the ability to provide another value add to your clients by providing them with a document vault, with the ability for clients and adviser to share documents.  Clients can review and add information into their fact find, which can feed directly through to your CRM. Jigsaw Tree can implement your Client Portal by helping with data set up, client communication creation and training internal staff.


It's all about the team

We are enthusiastic and passionate about the impact effective technology can have on a modern advice firm and are happy working with firms to develop the right strategy for their business. However, unlike other support firms we believe our partnership with clients should go beyond the strategy and we will work with you to plan and execute change ensuring you realise the benefits you are expecting


Chris baigent-reed - founder & director

A dedicated, passionate and highly professional individual with over twenty years experience in financial services and leading teams to increase performance and managing change programs.

Proficient in a number of areas including; Training, Business Transformation Consultancy, Account Management, Sales, Marketing, Support and Customer Service Management positions within the financial services technology sector. Founder and business owner of Jigsaw Tree Limited working with technology companies, platforms, networks and IFA firms delivering value added services.


Sharon taylor - Marketing & sales manager

As a dedicated and passionate marketer with over twenty years experience in Financial Services, Sharon delivers a marketing focus for Jigsaw Tree. Proficient in digital marketing, social media, content marketing and event management Sharon brings a wealth of experience to both Jigsaw Tree and our clients through our marketing outsourcing offering to help with client proposition and service.


Jo morgan - operations manager

Jo has been working in Financial Services for 26 years. With previous experience as Administration Manager running teams of administrators and paraplanners Jo is a highly professional member of the Jigsaw Tree team.  Jo brings with her, experience with IRESS and Intelliflo and is an expert in Income Reconciliation and iO Document Designer.


zoe thompson - income reconciliation specialist

A subject matter expert in the world of income processing, Zoe spent many years being the “go to” support technician for IRESS, formerly Avelo, for all things to do with revenue management. With an eye for detail and impressive processing skills she is able to deliver an excellent level of service to our outsource clients ensuring all the recording, reconciling and reporting of business revenues is under control.


gemma alton - outsourcing service specialist

Gemma has worked in financial services for over 12 years, starting as administration support to a number of advisers before progressing to a paraplanner for the last six years. In addition to this experience Gemma achieved a certificate in financial planning and has significant experience in working with both Adviser Office and Intelligent Office.  Gemma’s main role for Jigsaw Tree is as a virtual Administrator, helping our clients spend more time with their clients and less time on day to day administration tasks.  Gemma has previously worked for Clark Roxburgh who were acquired by Jelf and through her roles there gained a practical level of experience and expertise.


jean gillies - income reconciliation & business process specialist

Jean has worked in the financial services industry for over 35 years. She has worked as an administrator, administration manager and finance manager with a number of companies including Barclays Bank and Arthur J Gallagher.  With experience in finance, administration and creation and implementation of processes Jean brings a wealth of knowledge to Jigsaw Tree and its clients.


sally bousefield - income reconciliation specialisT

Sally has worked in the Financial Services industry for many years and has gained vast experience in all aspects of the industry.  With previous experience as a Client Services Manager encompassing all aspects of financial planning working on a one to one basis with Advisers and clients.  She has also been involved in Income Reconciliation and Reporting for both individual practices and as part of an outsourcing team.  As a result of this experience she is able to understand the Income Reconciliation process from input to completion and the reasons for accuracy and giving our clients an excellent service.


Our clients are the heart of our business

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“I have known Chris and Sharon for over 15 years so when I wanted some help to improve my Intelliflo eAdviser score I knew that they would be the right people to ask. Their expertise with Document Designer is exceptional and they are already making a difference and improving our business efficiency -- all delivered in the most professional and personable way. I have engaged them on an on-going basis and I am looking forward to working with them for many years to come.” Alan Moran, Director, Interface Financial Planning

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“Having worked with Jigsaw Tree on a number of previous projects we contacted them for their help on outsourcing our client review process for one of our advisers. By working with Jigsaw Tree to scope our requirements we have confidence that our clients will continue to receive the same high standard of service” Robin Hall, Managing Director, Kymin


“Due to the automation and complexity of the documents we use in our business we needed additional resource to help create and maintain our standard templates.  Jigsaw Tree were recommended to us and have been superb in making best use of the functionality in iO so we are able to maximise efficiency and re use data wherever possible” Collette Noble, Head of Business Change, LIFT Financial


“Having outsourced Income Reconciliation to Jigsaw Tree it has freed up significant time and costs for the business. We have mitigated the risk of having one person responsible and know with Jigsaw Tree’s expertise this is completed accurately and on time” Mike Leigh Director, Haven IFA Ltd


“Having recently reviewed our internal processes it was clear that we could benefit from introducing best practice across the business. Having Jigsaw Tree run and facilitate our process mapping workshops has been a breath of fresh air in helping us achieve what good looks like” Helen Lindo, Director, Russell Ulyatt Financial Services


“As part of our acquisition programme we are using an online Project Management tool and needed help in getting our complex projects built.  We have enlisted the help of Jigsaw Tree to map the processes and in turn create our project plans.  This has proved to be an incredibly worthwhile exercise and has also helped mitigate key person risk.” Sue Groves, Operations Manager, Newell Palmer


“Revenue Management is the life-blood of a financial services business. At Greystone we process approximately 180,000 revenue transactions per year. The considerable expertise and experience of Jigsaw Tree together with their passion for business process improvement has enabled us to achieve clear business benefits within a short timescale. “ Keith Horner, Finance Director, Greystone

“Having used Jigsawtree to project manage our own switch over from IRESS to iO, which went as well as could possibly be expected, I was more than happy to use them again for an advice firm purchase we were making. Time was of the essence but it took one phone call to Chris Baigent-Reed to get the ball rolling. The data transfer has been completed in record time, with minimal input from us and the new company has been very impressed with the professionalism and attitude with everyone at Jigsaw Tree. I would happily recommend them to anyone who is struggling to make the use of data work for them.” Phil McGovern, Managing Director, MPA Financial Management Ltd

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“When we decided to change our back office solution we realised that in order to get a good outcome we needed some expertise to help with this transition.  Jigsaw Tree were able to support this transition and bring valuable expertise to make this as smooth as possible.” Jon Lawson, Director, Fiveways

making a difference

Read below for news, views and case studies from Jigsaw Tree and their clients


Revenue Management is the life-blood of a financial services business. At Greystone we process approximately 180,000 revenue transactions per year. Accordingly, this function needs to be robust and performed accurately on a timely basis. The considerable expertise and experience of Jigsaw Tree together with their passion for business process improvement has enabled us to achieve the benefits detailed above within a short timescale. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.


Does your way of working represent best practice?

In our day-to-day working lives there are a whole series of steps we do to get our jobs done that we don’t really think about. 

But have you ever looked at whether those steps are best practice, and what the actual cost to your business is?

Few organisations take the time to look at their internal processes, and even fewer will try and build ‘best practice models’. 


What it means for us and you 

We work with many advice firms and are continually looking at ways we can improve our internal processes and ultimately the service we offer our clients.  By being awarded the ISO 9001-2015 Certification our current and future clients can be assured that they are working with a company who continually strives for efficient working practices and professionalism.  We always want to ensure the service we provide is of the highest quality and have a clear desire to exceed our clients expectations.


Jigsaw Tree have been great at leading us through looking at our existing processes, recording what we currently do and then revisiting them to see what needs to change to make them clearer and easier for us all. They have been the constant level headed person throughout the whole processes and are able to pick the wheat from the chaff in what we do.


Lean process as a methodology has its origins in the automotive industry, most notably with Ford and Toyota. The guiding principles of lean remain absolutely valid today

Customer expectations of service businesses are changing. The pressure is on to deliver a frictionless client experience that makes it easy to do business

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