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Put a spring in your step - and pep up your business!

Giving your business operations a spring clean

We all do it don’t we! We get dragged into doing the jobs we feel we have to do which, in turn, forces us to spend less time doing the things we love to do (and which we’re actually quite good at!).

And your business is no different. There are areas where you, and your staff, have great capability and skills such as engaging with clients and producing great financial plans as well as coaching and moulding your staff into a genuine high-performing professional team. But if you’re being totally honest there are also several other functions that you only perform because you have to! Jobs that just need to be done to make the business work, but which don’t really interest or excite you. Maybe these tasks include administration, database management or income reconciliation.      

Frequently, we try to convince ourselves that doing such jobs won’t actually take that long or aren’t as bad as we think but, the reality is we aren’t as productive when we’re performing tasks we don’t enjoy. More importantly, it means we spend less time doing the things we excel at which invariably generate more value.

For example, one of the tasks least associated with delivering financial advice, but which just needs to be done, is income reconciliation. After all, apart from the joy of serving your clients, you run your business to make money so counting the pennies needs doing but, the task of generating expectations, receiving payments, and matching them up doesn’t really enhance your client service and neither does it generate more value; it just needs doing! So, why not ask us to do it for you? We successfully support many tens of adviser firms already and they’ll testify to the fact that we really can do the work better, faster, and cheaper than they ever did.

Similarly, there are many adviser firms that trust us to run their administration for them freeing up time for their staff to focus on engaging with clients and delivering the services that they really value.

And, what about all those time-consuming tasks involved with running your technology stack properly? Because you don’t do them that often it takes you twice as long either because you can’t remember what you need to do or, because your software has recently been upgraded and you’ve got to re-climb that learning curve again! Whether it’s just creating some nice new client-facing reports, enhancing your management reports, or doing a full database analysis why not save yourself some time and ask us to do it for you?

So, with the weather starting to improve (I wish!) isn’t it time to spring-clean your business operations? Wouldn’t it be great if you, and your staff, could spend more time doing the things you love, the things about which you’re passionate, the things that you most wanted to do when you set up your business? Well, the simple answer is you can! You just need to find people who are as passionate about performing the tasks you find a chore as you are about performing the tasks you love. And yes, they do exist! You might find it strange but here at Jigsaw Tree we’re passionate about the nuts and bolts of running an adviser business; Jobs like income reconciliation, general administration, process mapping, database analysis, data cleansing, designing new reports for your clients, creating new management reports, or just configuring your technology stack so it works better.

So, if you’d like to give your business operations a proper spring clean, please contact the Jigsaw Tree team, and let's have a chat.


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