Data Security

Jigsaw Tree Limited and Jigsaw Tree Outsourcing Limited use a number of software applications to maintain customer records, support the delivery of our services and manage our financial accounting.

Below are details of the applications, which may include customer information and files, together with confirmation on the role of the solution. In addition, information is provided on the measures taken by the providers to ensure the security and in some cases the privacy of that information.


We use a suite of applications from Zoho. The key ones is our Customer Relationship Management System. In addition to this we use an accounting application for the purposes of time recording and also a document management solution, albeit this is not our primary application for this purpose. Please see more information below.

Customer information is retained primarily for the purposes of enabling our day to day business with prospects and clients alike. We may use this information to inform you about our services and to provide general communications. You can opt-out of such communications at any time by contacting us at and there is also an unsubscribe option included in such communications.

Zoho Data Security

Please follow this link for information on Zoho data security measures. You can also view their Privacy Policy here.


Smartsheet is an online collaboration tool we use to support the delivery of our services and an example of use would be project management support. A feature of Smartsheet is attaching documents to support the activity being managed or delivered using an online sheet. As such Jigsaw Tree Limited,  Jigsaw Tree Outsourcing Limited and client documents can be potentially be stored in this service. Client access to Smartsheet is provided by creating password-protected free collaborator accounts and for that purpose, we record the user's name and email address.

Please follow this link for information on Smartsheet data security measures. You can also view their Privacy Policy here.


Engage provide a suite of online applications to help visualise, analyse and publish businesses processes. Where our service includes supporting firms in the area of the business process we will use these tools and store process models and potentially supporting documentation. Client information is not stored in these applications.

The solution is hosted on Microsofts Azure platform and you can access information on their trust controls including privacy here.

The Engage Security and Privacy policy can be viewed and downloaded here.


Xero is our core accounting application and such we keep a record of our customers and contact information in the application for the purposes of issuing invoices.

Please follow this link for information on Xero data security measures. You can also view their Privacy Policy here.