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Case Studies


Making a difference

We love to hear about your business and the challenges you face and talk about how we can help.  Don’t take our word for the work we provide and the value-added, please read below some of our case studies of projects we have worked on and how we have made a difference to our clients.


Technology Change Tender Process

The Fry Group had been using a CRM system for six years and it was agreed within the organisation that it wasn’t delivering against the key business requirements. A decision was made to review the market to see if an alternative solution could be found which would deliver better benefits and future proof the business.

Fry Group Case Study

Template Design & Creation

Mazars Financial Planning had a requirement to be able to automate some reporting requirements. Their needs were complex, but by working with Jigsaw Tree who were able to understand how to achieve the best outcome by producing, testing, and training on the report and data entry requirements, Mazars gained a positive outcome.

Mazars Case Study.png

Buisness Process Mapping

Jigsaw Tree have been great at leading us through looking at our existing processes, recording what we currently do and then revisiting them to see what needs to change to make them clearer and easier for us all. They have been the constant level headed person throughout the whole processes and are able to pick the wheat from the chaff in what we do.

Wise Investments Case Studies.jpg

Income Reconciliation

Haven IFA had been using Intelliflo’s CRM technology Intelliflo Office for eight years and in that time the task of reconciling income was carried out by one of the Directors with the firm.

Find out here how using Jigsaw Tree’s outsourcing services has helped reduce risk and cut costs.


As a growing firm the Directors of Prydis realised they needed to look at their internal processes to build efficiencies within their business and to understand who was involved in the processes and at what point.
Find out how Jigsaw Tree helped facilitate Process Mapping workshops to get to their desired ‘best practice’ processes.


Project Management

When HSP Financial Planning were moving to a new CRM system they knew that to achieve a smooth transition external support was a must.

Find out how Jigsaw Tree helped HSP through their transition to Intelligent Office.


Business Process Mapping


When the only member of staff dealing with Income Reconciliation left to go on maternity leave, Kymin needed resource to pick this role up immediate effect.

Find out how Jigsaw Tree were able to work immediately on Kymin’s income with no break in service.


E-Advisor Champions

After using Intelliflo Office for 18 months Frenkel Topping realised they weren’t getting the efficiency savings from the system they had hoped for.


Read their case study to find out how Jigsaw Tree helped them in a number of areas to help them realise those efficiencies.

Income Reconciliation


Income Reconciliation

Revenue Management is the life-blood of a financial services business. At Greystone we process approximately 180,000 revenue transactions per year. Accordingly, this function needs to be robust and performed accurately on a timely basis. The considerable expertise and experience of Jigsaw Tree together with their passion for business process improvement has enabled us to achieve the benefits detailed above within a short timescale. I would have no hesitation in recommending this service.

Greystone Case Study-1.jpg

Income Reconciliation

When taking holiday, the Finance Manager at LIFT always had additional work on her return to catch up on everything.

Read their case study to find out how Jigsaw Tree have helped ensure she has a relaxing holiday with no worries when she returns to work.

Caton Fry & Co logo.png

Technology Adoption and

Outsourcing Services

Caton Fry Financial Services Limited changed its CRM solution from Quay Software to
Intelliflo Office in 2018. This proved challenging and the business didn’t achieve what it
had hoped for. 
Read their case study to find out how Jigsaw Tree helped them with their new CRM configuration as well as administration and paraplanning to allow him to focus on their core business. 

32966-Jigsaw Tree Caton Fry Case Study-1
Chantler Kent Logo.png

Business Change - CRM Transition

Income Reconciliation

Chantler Kent had been using Adviser Office for about 15 years but with notice
being given by IRESS the business had to change its CRM prior to March 2023. Read their case study to find out how Jigsaw Tree helped them with the new CRM selection process, project management, new system configuration and training.

Chantler Kent Case Study.png
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