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Are you getting the most from your CRM solution?

If you're like me you're probably only using a tiny fraction of the capabilities within applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, or whatever other similar systems you use. We all know we could get far more out of these applications if we put a bit more effort in but, because we can "get by" we typically don't bother spending the time. But is this approach appropriate when it comes to the technology used within your business? You pay a lot to have applications like Intelligent Office, Xplan, CURO, and other such applications in your business but are you getting the most out of them? Are you squeezing the maximum possible value out of these systems and are they delivering the kind of value that your staff and your clients really need?

So, what are the main reasons why businesses don't get the most out of their CRM solutions? Well, experience shows that the reasons fall into several categories:

  • Ignorance – you simply aren't aware that your application can perform functions that would be of use to your business.

  • Complexity – setting the system up to use new functionality can be tricky. It often takes a lot of time and there are risks associated with getting it wrong.

  • Lack of time – when your business is running at full tilt it's hard to carve out time to investigate new functionality.

  • Lack of trust – you've lost confidence in your current system, or supplier, and you don't want to waste time exploring ways to improve things.

Let’s look at these in more detail:


Just like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook applications like Intelligent Office, Xplan, CURO have been developed over many years creating vast amounts of functionality much of which isn't used, not because it isn't any good, but simply because most users simply don't know the functions are available or how they work. Of course, software suppliers do promote their new functionality, but they simply don't have the time, or the experience of working in a busy Financial Adviser business, to continually make you aware of all their functionality. Neither do they really have the real-world experience to discuss how such functions might be used to enhance your business. Sometimes you just need somebody independent who can talk you through what your system can do and give you some practical advice about whether you should use it or not. After all not every piece of functionality is worth using and you can waste an awful lot of time learning how to use functions that simply don't add much value.

And, even if you do know that your system does offer a particular capability that will add value, you might simply not know how to use it. Of course, most suppliers provide training videos through which you can teach yourself to use their software but sometimes the videos just aren't that easy to follow. Not all of us learn in that way so it's sometimes better to have someone that really knows how the functionality works to show you how it works best! This sort of hands-on training might require a bit more investment, but the outcome is typically much better.


The software suppliers have typically done a pretty good job at giving you the technical capability to configure their functionality to match your business policies, your brand, and your ways of working, etc. However, configuration is often quite complex and time-consuming. It's not something that you do every day, and it can take quite a while to figure out. Working with people who have done it many times before not only makes the job quicker but also delivers the benefit of learning all those "tricks of the trade" that an experienced user can bring to the party.


You might be perfectly happy with the way in which you are currently using your system, but things change, and you might need to upgrade your business processes, respond to a regulatory change, or just increase your productivity. Of course, you might be able to do all these things with the skills and capabilities that currently exist within your business but, it's also highly likely that they will already be tied up on other important work. It is therefore useful to bring in some additional highly skilled and experienced resources to perform the work required. It's also worth noting that mapping and designing new processes is an acquired skill that you might not have within your business so there's value in engaging people with such skills. They might also provide significant insight into how other firms, like yours, operate.


Of course, you might have already concluded that your current system or supplier is no longer right for your business. Maybe you've just outgrown its capabilities and you want to see what else is available or maybe you've lost confidence in the supplier? These thoughts are perfectly rational, and effecting a change is sometimes essential but, changing technology can be a large and complicated exercise so you really need to get it right. Here again, it makes sense to gain some input from people who have expertise in this arena. From supporting you through an objective selection process through efficient and effective configuration, controlled deployment, and early days support many firms have found that having an experienced partner is invaluable.

So, if you think you could be getting more from your CRM solution or technology in general why not consider asking Jigsaw Tree to give you a hand? The team has tens of years of real-world practical experience between them using a variety of systems used by Financial Advisors, so we know how to help you get the most from your technology. Please free to contact us today.


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