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Why I Love Being a Judge: Celebrating Excellence and Personal Growth

We are pleased to share with you that Chris Baigent-Reed has been asked to judge the Women in Financial Services Awards once again this year.

We asked her to share her thoughts on why she loves being a judge.

Judging is a role that I genuinely love and feel passionately about. It requires a significant investment of time and a lot of consideration in approach and scoring to ensure that every entrant is handled with fairness and integrity. So, I want to share the reasons why I find judging so fulfilling and why it matters to me.

  1. I have the privilege of recognising and celebrating excellence within our industry. This experience is immensely rewarding as it allows me to acknowledge the hard work and achievements of others.

  2. The judging process also offers a valuable platform for networking opportunities. It enables all participants, including industry professionals, judges, and award nominees, to connect with one another.. These connections have the potential to expand our professional networks, fostering relationships that may lead to future career opportunities. Engaging with like-minded individuals in our field helps us grow both personally and professionally.

  3. Being a judge is an invaluable professional development opportunity. It provides me with unique insights into emerging trends, best practices, and innovations within our industry. Each day spent judging is a day of learning, allowing me to stay current and enhance my skills and knowledge. Moreover, the judging process exposes me to new ideas, perspectives, and approaches, which broadens my thinking and inspires me to achieve more.

  4. Approaching the task of judging with objectivity, fairness, and a commitment to excellence is of utmost importance to me. It is essential that I dedicate the necessary time and effort to fulfill this role responsibly and effectively. It is my duty to ensure that every entrant receives a fair evaluation, and I take this responsibility seriously.

In conclusion, judging the Women in Financial Services Awards is a deeply fulfilling experience for me that offers a range of benefits. From celebrating excellence and building professional connections to gaining industry insights and promoting personal growth. It is a unique and enriching opportunity, and I truly value the chance to contribute to our industry's progress.

You can find out more about the Women in Financial Services awards here.


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