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Database Assessment & MI Pack


Gain deeper insights to your business

This service provides greater insight into the systems and data that resides in your business, which undoubtedly impacts all areas.   The output for this service is two reports, one which gives a RAG (Red, Amber and Green) rated view as to how your technology has been configured, along with detailed analysis against each area.  There is a separate report which plays back your data, but in a way that is meaningful.  By combining both of these reports firms can understand where there may be gaps in how their technology is being used and where better MI can add value.



Our database assessment will provide a snapshot of your database at a point in time. Generally, the areas reviews are below and are rated according to the configuration that has been achieved and in some cases use and data.

  • Client Statistics and Key Information Data Capture 

  • Active and Inactive Clients 

  • Fee Charging Structure

  • Income Reconciliation

  • Adviser Permissions and Client Allocation

  • Lifecycles 

  • Compliance and Risk Monitoring

  • Workflows Processes

  • Service (Advice) Cases

  • Task Management

  • Electronic Valuations 

  • Standard Letter Templates

  • Client Communication 

  • Client Portal


Our Data Specialist review the data and present it back in a way that allows confidence in the way that your data has been presented back to you. It is unlikely that you will have seen anything as good or comprehensive, but easy to understand.

MI Pack 

  • Establishing active client demographic and numbers 

  • Determine service levels and adviser allocation

  • Review the regular review offerings, outcomes and risks

  • Analysing valuation data & establishing the true AUM position 

  • Analysing recurring income for active clients

  • Identifying anomalies in the data that may impact on the accuracy of the AUM and recurring income positions


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