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Wealth Management Sales and Acquisitions

Wealth Management sales and acquisitions: what’s going on, what should you know, and what makes a difference to a successful outcome?

Succession, be that handing over the reins to a family member, a management buyout, setting up an Employee Ownership Trust, or a sale of your business, all have challenges and carry risks. Likewise, making acquisitions is a step change for any financial planning firm, and careful planning and execution are paramount not only to create value but also to ensure the business does not take on risks that it cannot effectively manage. This is against a backdrop of rapid consolidation, and significant deal activity. 


In this webinar Roderic Rennison and John Chapman of Catalyst Partners covers:

  • The importance of having a plan and recognising and assessing the risks involved

  • A Consideration of each option for succession and the relative merits of acquisition versus organic growth

  • The relative merits of a share versus an asset sale from a seller’s and a buyer’s perspective

  • Valuation expectations, and factors that have an impact, deal structure, as well as possible future trends

  • An outline sequence for the planning and execution phases and typical timelines

  • The steps to take that will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome, and the main pitfalls to avoid

  • The importance and use of experienced advisers

  • What a good outcome looks like, and what measures of success to apply for sellers and buyers

  • How Catalyst Partners may be able to assist

  • Questions from attendees

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