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Process mapping and new technology

If you are changing technology, the top priority is to find a system that meets the needs of your Business but how do you work out exactly what your business needs to run efficiently at the same time as providing an excellent service to your Clients?

Perhaps mapping your processes is something to consider?

If you do have your processes mapped out – how long is it since they were reviewed or updated?

If you don’t have your processes mapped currently, that may be because your team are experienced individuals who know exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how it needs to be done (with all that critical information stored securely in their heads).

What happens though, if they are suddenly not around/available?

How do you transfer that invaluable knowledge to their replacements?

Having your processes mapped will form part of the strategy for training any new staff and ensuring that your business continues to run effectively and efficiently.

Processes mapped out in a very visual system such as that used by Jigsaw Tree could help both to give peace of mind that you can cover all eventualities and ensure that your new technology is configured to your requirements.

Whilst process mapping takes a commitment from the Business and the team to document all that you do, it is potentially the most useful tool you can have. It ensures that if you need to recruit, you have a process in place to keep your Business compliant and retain a happy group of Clients (because they won’t notice any difference in the service levels).

Having good processes in place before you move to new technology will ensure that you can drive the way your business runs rather than relying on technology to tell you how you should run your business. You know the business better than anyone else – stay in control.


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